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family dogWe have the right resources to help you find the perfect dog to protect the family without losing the “family pet”.  If you are looking for the perfect breed that serves and protects, but is also safe, friendly and loyal — We are here to help.  K9 Referral Services is part of a wide network of breeders, trainers and kennels that specialize in dogs that fit with your family.

Make no mistake, however.  These dogs are also trained to watch over your family and even take action if needed.  It is possible to find the perfect protector and playmate … but you have to know where to look.  Our connections can make your search for your next dog both more simple and affordable.

Our trusted resources ensure that the dog you bring into your home will be highly-trained, intelligent and loyal.  Don’t waste your valuable time looking anywhere else.  Contact us now, so that we may find you the perfect K9 companion.

A properly trained Home Personal Protection Dog is the answer. The key words here are properly trained! A Home or Family Personal Protection Dog is always on duty. You never put him away and he is always available in any situation. Your Women’s Personal Protection Dog is always by your side and is designed to keep you safe. Your Protection Dog does this by alerting you to possible unwarranted bad situations. Your Family Personal Protection Dog does not depend upon proper draw execution, or trigger pull, or shot placement. Your Protection Dog has perfect execution and targeting that is appropriate to do the job. Your Home Personal Protection Dog is a defensive deterrent and man stopper. This takes the personal responsibility of taking another person’s life out of the mix. Most importantly, in the middle of the night you do not have to be stumbling around in the dark with a loaded gun, with your kids in the hallway, worrying about defending your family.





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This form below is not to hire a drug dog. To hire a drug dog use this form

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