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One of the services we take pride in is drug detection for rehab centers, addiction care clinics, and half-way houses.  We take our responsibility of drug detection very seriously, to secure the safety for staff and those recovering in treatment facilities.  Our clients trust K9 Drug Detection because they know they are working with highly trained and experienced personel.  If you think the added security and assurance that we provide can help you avoid the pitfalls of hidden substances, contact us today.

Our contract program allows you to schedule regular visits — ensuring compliance and also serving as a strong deterant to those trying to conceal drugs on the premises.  We can work with your schedule to keep our searches discreet, without interuption to treatment.

We Can Search and Detect in areas such as:

  • Common areas
  • Hallways
  • Sleeping Quarters
  • Restrooms and Locker rooms
  • Cafeteria

Contact Us now and take wise, preventative action:

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***  IMPORTANT  ***

We Keep Your Campus Clean …will NOT take drugs or guns found, as it is illegal for us to do so. We will mark the place where the dog has indicated the presence of a known substance.  If we come into contact with a substance we will seal it in an envelope that will be given to you for disposal.


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