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With all the hard work and planning that goes into coordinating an event, concert, or other gathering — public safety has to come first.  Because drug use can cause so many potential issues in crowds, start your next event with our skilled K9 Patrol on your side.

Our drug-sniffing dogs can get to the root of the problem by finding the source or by simply providing you high or low visibility at entrances etc.  Just having K9 Drug Patrol on premises, acts as a deterant fro those wishing to bring or consume drugs in a venue.


Contact us now to see how K9 Drug Patrol fits into your planning of:

  • Community Gatherings
  • Musical Concerts
  • Open Air Festivals
  • Street Parties
  • Holiday Parades or Festivals
  • Large or Small Business Meetings

Don’t leave yourself or your organization open to legal actions from the presence of illegal substances on your grounds.  We are here to help!


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***  IMPORTANT  ***

We will NOT take drugs or guns found, as it is illegal for us to do so. We will mark the place where the dog has indicated the presence of a known substance.  If we come into contact with a substance we will seal it in an envelope that will be given to you for disposal. Clear Instructions will be left with you as to how to properly dispose of the matter.

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