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You work hard to ensure your business is competitive, profitable and safe.  Experts agree that one of the single most damaging forces in the workplace is drug use.   Large companies and Small Businesses alike, are turning to private drug detection services to help counter the ill-effects of drug abuse.  K9 Drug Patrol can help you discover if you’re putting your business and reputation in jeopardy.  Join our list of satisfied clients that were responsible enough to take action!  Contact us now and to discuss our services and take a bit out of drugs in the workplace.

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Employers have a legal obligation to try to maintain a drug-free workplace. While drug testing is used for hiring and random checks — K9 drug detection dogs provide a more discreet and confidential solution. K9 Drug Patrol provides an efficient, facility wide search that is cost effective and non-disruptive. We offer Contract Services to implement random periodic visits that create a strong deterrent against anyone selling or using drugs at work. We can search common areas, lockers and parking lots as well as warehouses, offices and desks. If an illegal substance is discovered, we advise you of the exact location — allowing for further inspection. K9 Drug Patrol is the simple solution of intervention that can help reduce claims, expense and improve workforce safety and productivity.

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We will NOT take drugs or guns found, as it is illegal for us to do so. We will mark the place where the dog has indicated the presence of a known substance.  If we come into contact with a substance we will seal it in an envelope that will be given to you for disposal. Clear Instructions will be left with you as to how to properly dispose of the matter.


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