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Drug Problem?  Throw It To The Dogs …

Faced with the numerous problems that drugs cause in our society, many people just like you are turning to a solution that up until recently, was only available to law enforcement and large organizations.  At home, at the office, and in communities — Private K9 searches are helping people take a bite out of the issue of drug abuse.  Finally, you are able to hire a private team of drug-sniffing dogs to help locate hidden drugs … anywhere!  This service is giving folks peace-of-mind, by letting these highly skilled pooches discreetly sweep their property for drugs.  Check out this report and see why K9 Drug Patrol is the leader of the pack, after the video.

 Special Thanks to NBC Today Show.

K9 Drug Patrol offers an array of service that are unique to your needs.  We provide thorough searches that are 100% discreet and confidential.  Click a service at right to learn more about our detection programs for: Commercial/Business, School/University, Special Events, and Private/Residential.


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