k9Dear Concerned Citizen:

K9 Drug Patrol was founded with one goal in mind: To serve the private sector and individuals in protecting themselves and their property from the negative affects of illicit drugs and illegal drug use.  Whether in your home, at the workplace or within any other organization — We utilize drug detection methods used by law enforcement and government agencies and make it available to concerned folks just like you!  We are committed to providing confidential and reliable drug detection. Our advanced certified canines are highly trained to quickly sweep, find, and alert our team to the presence of narcotics.

Take a Bite Out of Drug Abuse …

We are 100% privately owned and operated.  So unlike law enforcement — We only answer to you, our valued client.  It’s within your rights to search your property, so we can work with you to locate any controlled substance that concerns you.drugs

We search: Private homes, Businesses, Public schools, Charter schools, Universities, Private events, Drug treatment centers, Dorms, Vehicles, Sororities / Fraternities, Event centers, Stadiums, Concert halls, Shopping malls, Storage units,  Anywhere!  Our canine Detection Team will search for illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine (powder and crack), heroin, MDMA (ecstasy), and methamphetamine (crystal meth) and some commonly abused pharmacy drugs.

Why Drug Detection is Important:drug-graph

Illegal drug use is on the rise and there are no simple solutions.  The actual cost to the private citizen has skyrocketed … Families lose loved one’s to the horror of addiction, Communities fight the constant toll of enforcing the law.  It is estimated that U.S. Businesses lose $58 Billion every year to errors, legal matters, low productivity, etc.

Experts agree that taking steps to detect drug use is key to addressing the problem as a whole.  Don’t wait until the ill-effects of narcotics takes it’s toll.  K9 Drug Patrol will help you get the truth.  Whether you seek the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your home or office is drug-free or you suspect and need to prove an existing problem exists — we are here to help you find answers.


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